First Post and Fun Facts

Abby has her own blog now! As my first post, and as celebration for the release of Incoming Transmission, here are some fun facts about the art for the book!

Everything was drawn by hand first.
Yep. All of it. All of the lineart was done in pencil, then scanned and colored. I learned a lot about Photoshop magic with this. I have a biggo folder with everything that was used from crumpled paper for sidebars to the original t-poses from Game Jam.

All of the paper sidebars and full page documents were actually burned.
True story. Outside during a spoopy thunderstorm. Lots of lightning. Long lighters like wind, and it made for slightly crisp fingertips. No burns! But toasty.

This was my first project using InDesign.
I hate it. It took me FOREVER to figure out how it worked, and it was still pretty janky. I'm pretty sure if I showed the workable document to any of my friends who are magical wizard graphic designers they'd cry.

I'm not a graphic designer.
I'm getting my degree in painting! While I plan on taking some graphic design classes for the remainder of my time in college, this was the first time I'd ever done something like this. I will be doing oil paintings for some of our future books though.

Tamara was my favorite to draw, but Joella is my favorite character.
Something about Tamara was just satisfying to draw. Maybe something about fierce buff ladies who could totally dropkick someone. I got really attached to Joella during development as a character though. 

Kenna went through a complete transformation.
In the original Game Jam version, she has an afro, and was supposed to look a little younger. As I tried to pose her, I couldn't make her look right for anything. Her final design ended up taking a lot of inspiration from Renee Elise Goldsbury as Angelica in Hamilton. 

Dritzel didn't have a design until the very end.
I wasn't sure if he needed one. I had a very firm picture in my head when I thought of him, but for some reason didn't think of drawing him until towards the end.

I didn't close Photoshop for like a week.
It just sat there. Taunting me to work. So that I would feel bad and work. It worked. 

Ratface is only on the back cover.
The only place he's in on the interior is on his bio sheet. Y'know... because he's an outcast. ;)

Thank you so much, I hope you enjoy the book!

Abby Gordon