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DieCon 18

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Come one, come all, to test the games we have in production! Rebel Intelligence Detachment will be at DieCon this year! We're offering the following games this year:

Incoming Transmission
Game Title: How the World Went Dark
Description: When a mysterious radio broadcast interrupts the characters’ relaxing afternoon at the pub, the unlikely party sets off to discover what really caused the apocalypse
Sessions and Game Masters: Session 1 (Zawayix Falconer), Session 3 (Zawayix Falconer), Session 4 (Abby Gordon), Session 5 (Regan Slaughter), Session 8 (Abby Gordon)

Game Title: Missile Heist
Description: A crew of 5 takes on a heist that falls apart. Bad luck? Sabotage? An inside job? Who can you trust? Do you finish the job, or will the job finish you?
Sessions and Game Masters: Session 2 (Regan Slaughter)

Game Title: The Intercept
Description: A group of rebel saboteurs are trying to start an inter-freight war by detonating a missile inside. A motley crew of agents from the freight The Heiress is sent to put a stop to it. Will they succeed, or will the rebels be successful in their plot?
Sessions and Game Masters: Session 4 (Zawayix Falconer), Session 7 (Zawayix Falconer)

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