Incoming Transmission

Incoming Transmission

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Incoming Transmission is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in a distant dystopian future. Those that aren’t chosen as part of the ruling council live in squalor and filth, just trying to scrounge enough food to survive. Those that don’t pull their weight are banished from cities and made to fend for themselves.

But hidden in the air, there is hope. Amidst the propaganda and heavily edited news there is one station that speaks the truth, sending out a call to all those that wish to answer: 719 RID. DJ’d by Triple D herself, spinning the only good music and spitting real news, spreading hope among the hopeless.

It began at Global Game Jam 2018 and now it's ready for you to play with a fresh look, new content, and more lore.

NOTE: While the PDF is ready, print copy orders are currently pre-orders!

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