Back on the Horse

Hello again!

I know I keep taking breaks. I hate making excuses, but I want to be as clear as possible in this dev diary.

Over the last few weeks (and most of my life, honestly) I have had pretty severe depression. This isn't an excuse, and I know that if this company is going to do well, I need to stick with it better. So here I am, clawing my way back out of another dark hole, and jumping back on the bucking bronco that is game development. 

Today I wrote an outline for Incoming Transmission character creation. Balance-wise it's right about where I want it. It worked just fine for the quickstart we wrote, there are just a few modifications we need to work with. 

I've also started an idea for a value mechanic. Incoming Transmission's universe uses barter rather than trade, but since we have decided to make a core book, there's going to need to be some way to measure each item's "value". So, while there's still not going to be money, items will have a value that gives approximately how valuable that item is in trade. This will solve several problems I've been having, the biggest of which is starting equipment.

This is all for today. I'm feeling a lot better on making at least a little progress. I'm not going to set a frequency with which I'll post these diary entrys, but they're going to be more frequent than the game development blog or the GM blog, since this is going to be more stream of consciousness rather than well written articles. Until next time!