General Update 7/24

Hi all!

It's been a few days, so I wanted to make another update. While it feels like a lot has happened, unfortunately most of it has not been game development. Just a note, I am fixing my car (again...) so that has been taking up most of my free time. Unfortunately, sometimes the development has to be placed on hold for more urgent things.

So, what have I accomplished? One of the main things is I finally got the Incoming Transmission files uploaded to the printer. Unfortunately, there was an issue with one of the files, so I'm waiting on an email to tell me what's wrong so we can work on fixing it. 

Over the last few days I have also started fleshing out sports in the Hellbound universe. While this may seem very random, it actually has to do with a scene in the Missile Heist one shot. In this scene, our characters are at a bar trying to find some information on how to quietly enter a local military compound. While there, there are at least two soldiers who are both there to watch some sporting event. It is a sports bar, after all. It didn't feel right to just say "oh, they're watching sports" when this is a great spot to flesh out the universe a little more. I feel like having a fully fleshed out universe adds greatly to the imersion of a game. Think about it, would you rather explore a universe like Dark Souls or a universe like Super Meat Boy? (Mental note: do a game dev article on universe Development)

On another note all together, while I know I wrote out Incoming transmission character creation at one point, the file seem to be missing. I will make sure to get that written out again by the end of the week, and hopefully sent out to anyone who has asked to be included in the playtest list.  

Hope to see you all again soon! 

~ Z