Ok, I feel better now. Writing this update from my job, and there's just too much going on at once for me to keep track of. Fortunately, writing is fairly therapudic. So, here I am! 

I discovered something incredibly strange this morning... Lack of sleep seems to kickstart my inspiration a bit. Work called me in essentially to wait and be there when construction workers show up. I  got there at 8am (no small feat for me, since I'm used  to sleeping in until no earlier than 10), and the construction didn't show up until 10 (though they were supposed to be there at 7). So, for two hours, I had nothing to do but wait. In those two hours, I wrote out (in paragraph form) value rules AND character creation rules for the new Incoming Transmission core book. Official updates on those later. 

So, as much as I love my sleep, I'm thinking I need to start changing up my sleep schedule to be more productive. It feels really good to get so much done and still have so much of my day left. I also may start drinking coffee for a cheaper, slightly healthier way to get caffeine into my blood stream than energy drinks. Though, the way I drink coffee, it's not really that much healthier.

Another thing I feel I should touch on while I'm talking about productivity is convenience and comfort. I recently made two purchases that have made writing much easier - a new computer chair, and a portable bluetooth keyboard to help me type on my phone. How do I justify these as things that I need? I already had a chair, and the touchscreen keyboard should work just fine, right? And even if the phone keyboard doesn't work, I have a laptop.

Well, none of this is wrong, but if you've ever spent an extended time typing on a phone keyboard, you know how exhausting that can get. And while the laptop is nice, and better than the bluetooth keyboard if I have the choice, it also requires that I remember to bring my backpack EVERYWHERE. It's more convenient than lugging around a full desktop, this new keyboard fits into my pocket. I considered getting a tablet for a while, but that was too cost prohibitive and still didn't fully solve the problem. And why doesn't the touchscreen keyboard work? When I was young, I used to play on my game boy. A lot. So much that I would give myself carpel tunnel, which got so bad my thumbs made audible clicks and it hurt to straighten them out fully. While it hasn't happened recently, I have felt my thumbs start to cramp pretty badly while thumbing long entries such as this one. The solution? A foldable bluetooth keyboard that fits in my pocket and hooks up to my phone.

Alright, all that makes sense, but why the new chair? Well, have you ever sat on a bad chair for hours on end? Sitting in front of my computer doing research and writing is definitely something I doo frequently. With the old chair, even when siting with good posture, I would be sore within an hour or so. I know that you're supposed to take breaks every hour, but nobody said I was in this for my health.

In conclusion, it's important to take care of yourself.  Make notes of what keeps you productive, and what you think may help you be more productive in the future. Sometimes being able to type a paragraph on the bus can make the difference between finishing the book, and puting off that last chapter forever. 

Hope to see you all again soon, 


P.S. I know it's been a while since I've updated any of the other blogs. Don't worry, I have a couple of good ones in the works. I hope to type them up on the way to Gencon on Wednesday. I hope to see some of you there!