Gencon 2018 Recap

I'll start with my overall impression of Gencon - overall, I had a good time. I have decided that I enjoy smaller cons such as midwinter better, but that is because I get to spend more time with developers and writers than I did over Gencon. Now, to the total recap.

I wanted to start with letting you all know that I enjoyed the con because the first thing I have to talk about is.... The Event. We arrived in Indianapolis on Wednesday around noon. After driving for four hours, I dropped two of my friends off at a golf course and went back to the hotel to wait for our rooms. I was in no rush, since I had no plans other than waiting. The hotel staff seemed to rush me into a room, probably thinking I was in a rush. I don't want to write out everything that happened, since focusing on the negative takes away a lot of the joy of the con. Long story short, 5 rooms of knee-deep trash, broken card readers, mold, and water damage later, the person in charge of the group I was with showed up, and I let him deal with it. 

Thursday was my long day. I was set to run 3 games in a row, each of which was supposed to run 5 hours. My first game was pugmire, which turned into a hilarious time harassing cats, partying with badgers, and covering up for royals. My second game was a game of Mage 20th Anniversary edition, which I was a bit rusty at. I had two players who had to duck out early, but they ended up leaving right around the time that the story was over anyway. It was a lot of fun, but relearning such a heavy system over the course of a couple of hours left me exhausted before my third game. Fortunately, my third game filled with people who were just as asleep as I was, and a couple of them came back to play in other games throughout the weekend. 

Thursday night we got to deal with the hotel some more, but as I said before, I don't want to elaborate much. Another long story short, the hotel conveniently lost our reservation. I let it be a whole lot of not my problem. 

Friday I slept in until 10:00am, which was a much needed respite from dealing with the hotel. I spent most of the day hanging out with The Wrecking Crew. Since I was new, I wanted to get to know the rest of the crew better. I also walked the dealer hall for a bit. I was overwhelmed by the shear size of the con. I was also quite impressed, there were so many people at the con and stuffed into the dealer hall, but it was still surprisingly quiet. I had the pleasure of attending a panel by Onyx Path Publishing about what it's like to freelance write for them. I plan on sending in an application in the next week or so. Friday night I ran my fourth game for the con. It was a Vampire 5th edition game, and 5 of my 7 players were brand new to roleplaying or brand new to White Wolf games. My other two players were veterans, which made all of the shenanigans even better. A game of Vampire, written as a serious game, ended with our protagonists riding into the sunrise in a nitro-fueled speeding ice cream truck. 

Fortunately, we had no more issues with the hotel for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was definitely my favorite day of the con. I again got to walk the dealer hall, found two new miniatures games that were both awesome. First game I demoed was Dropfleet Commander. I ended up falling in love with this and it's sister game Dropzone Commander for a couple of reasons, which can both be summed up with "the games have everything I've ever wanted in a miniatures game". Massive fights involving enormous armies, epic sweeping narrative battles starting in orbit, dropping into the atmosphere, and continuing the battle on the ground, and of course it addresses the "you go, I go" issues of games such as 40k. The other miniatures game I demoed was a 1:1 scale game called "Zinvaded", where aliens have invaded earth, not realizing how large humans are. They're now having a civil war over weather or not to continue their invasion. The battlefield is your table, and the terrain is the junk on the table. It is a quite amusing game, and the developer told us it's even more fun to go to the local FLGS and play a game with moving terrain over a game of some other miniatures game, primarily for the purpose of irritating the players.

I also got to play in a Vampire 5th edition game run by one of the main developers of the Vampire line. It was an amazing game, and I hope he gets to come back in the future. I got to talk with him a bit about the games I write, and I hope he keeps in touch. I also got to meet the rest of the White Wolf developers that came out to Gencon. I try to not fanboy too hard, but I still love meeting people that I look up to, for any reason. Normally, the saying is "don't meet your heroes", but fortunately my heroes aren't monsters. Saturday night I grabbed a couple of my friends and we went to do an escape room. It was a good time, the theming was amazing, but I was disappointed that it was a linear puzzle. Tough the puzzle did work out for the number of people we had. We didn't make it out, but it was still a good time.

Sunday was mostly shopping and hanging out with my friends at the con. After a long weekend, we drove home pleasantly exhausted.

Overall, I had an amazing time and I will be going back next year, assuming The Wrecking Crew will have me. Thank you to everyone who made my weekend so awesome. Now back to my usual writing and ranting

See you all later,