Game Mastering 101 part 2 - Finding a Group

So, we’ve gone over how important it is to get started, and what to expect from our first couple of games. Now how do we get started? And what can we do to make sure our first few games run as smoothly as possible?

The hardest part about getting started as a game master is finding a first group. A good place to start looking is around your work or friend group. You may be surprised how many of your friends are interested in the concept, but never thought to look into it. Another reason to start here is that these people are more likely to be understanding towards a new game master. Some friends may even have a gaming group of their own, and the best place to learn is from another skilled game master.

This, naturally, makes another great place to look a friendly local gaming store, or FLGS. Generally, an FLGS will have a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly gaming night. This could also be a good time to gain some vital roleplaying experience and see how other game masters run their games. If nothing else, FLGSs usually have a board of some kind where you can post a looking for group flier. If you have to resort to this, be sure to post a brief synopses of the game you’re wanting to run, when you’re wanting to meet with the group, how many players you’re looking for, and a way to get in contact with you.

If there is absolutely no FLGS in your area, and you’ve already exhausted your friends and coworkers, there is still hope. The internet has many forums and websites dedicated to roleplaying, and they almost always have “Looking For Group” boards. While it’s generally more enjoyable to have a group of friends all gaming in the same room, any gaming is better than none at all. Many people even find gaming over video chat more enjoyable, since they can use digital aids such as roll 20.

After finding a group, we want to make sure that our first games run as smoothly as possible. We’ll cover this in the next article.